• How eToro’s clients recent activities initiated the recent Bitcoin’s price rally
  • BTC is present in recovery mode, DonAlt reveals

Bitcoin experienced a surprise price boost about 3 days ago, the time frame of the surge left the cryptocurrency sphere flabbergasted. Mati Greenspan, a senior market analyst at eToro, has attributed the parabolic movement to the recent activities of eToro’s clients.

Before the magnificent price upsurge that sent Bitcoin to a bit below $9,000 resistance level, it had been revolving between the band prices of $7,500 and $8,200. BTC behavior quite raised concerns among crypto pundit, believing that the long stay will eventually lead to either bullish or bearish price.

Since Bitcoin’s price parabolic movement, no analyst has given a concrete reason behind the sudden uptrend. BTC’s psychological resistance is now $9,000, and nobody knows its next move. Whether it will replicate the historic bullish trend or act according to the prediction of bearish analysts.

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Mati Greenspan Relates Bitcoin’s Sudden Price Surge to eToro’s Clients Recent Activities


Mati Greenspan, the Senior Market Analyst at the social trading and multi asset Brokerage Company, eToro, pointed at the latest price surge of Bitcoin as an expected scenario because of the factor(s) which underpinned it.

According to Greenspan, a recent data revealed that eToro’s clients specifically influenced Bitcoin (BTC) price surge that ushered the crypto community into a good mood.

While captioning a graph that backed his claim, he stressed that the amount of BTC accumulated by eToro’s clients  rose by relatively 13 percent, and this, according to him favoured the value of Bitcoin significantly in the cryptocurrency market.

He said “The data is in!! Clients etoro did indeed participate in the recent Bitcoin surge. This graph shows total amount of BTC being hodled in eToro. During the recent rally (May 4th – 18th) overall client holdings rose by about 13%.”

Analyst Hints Bitcoin (BTC) Recovery from Its Slight Setback

DonAlt, a crypto analyst and trader recently took to twitter to hint about the recovery of Bitcoin (BTC) from the $8,400 resistance level.

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DonAlt hinted thus: “Impressive recovery rally off of the 8400 level everyone was watching. I’m still happy with being risk off BTC, risk on altcoins here. I think the meat of the BTC move is done. Concentrating on Alt/BTC pairs now. BTC longs want to see this H4 trading range reclaimed.”

Bitcoin’s trend in the market signals that the next move will be toward the north. BTC is presently trading at $8,702.05, with 0.26% price increase in the last 24 hours.

The next Bitcoin (BTC) price rally is expected to beat $9,000 huddle for another resistant market price. The prominent enthusiasts and investors of the digital asset are steadily waiting to see it surge beyond its All Time High.



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