Tron’s ex CTO Chen Zhiqiang recently gave an interview with a China focused online blockchain journal – Block beats. In that he reveals some shocking relevation. According to Chen Zhiqiang, Tron is completely centralized and have deviated from the original intention of creating a decentralized internet.
According to Block Beats Chen Zhiqiang abruptly left the Tron Foundation to work on his own project. When asked about why he left the project, he replied because he noticed Tron had already deviated from the original intention of “creating a decentralized Internet.” When asked about why he thinks Tron is centralized, he gave the following reasons, 1) The voting for supernodes is very low, and only the vote of few nodes count. Votes from normal retail investors have no difference at all. 2) Their blockchain is centralized, their token is centralized, their code development in centralized and their who project does not have a “diversified voice” which is seen on other decentralized projects. 3) DApps of Tron are nothing but fundraisers or gambling related. There are no proper applications. Chen Zhiqiang said that in his view, the blockchain project of mining is the true spirit of the decentralization. Everyone can participate in the blockchain, and the reward is based on the contribution of each person to the mining block. He also expressed the hope of lowering the threshold of mining so that people without GPUs or ASICs can enter the digital world of mining.


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