Experts are beginning to see the innate feature of Ripple’s XRP especially this time that the digital asset is showing signs of bullishness in the market.

Analysts on YouTube and Twitter and even those on TradingView are advising crypto enthusiasts to accumulate some XRP for future gains.

Yesterday on some exchanges, Ripple’s XRP golden crossed. Normally, the last time this happened, XRP skyrocketed 4 days after. This has made a number of observers opine that Ripple’s XRP will soon go ballistic.

Among the crypto experts, we have those who predicted $5-$10 in early May, while some are saying the digital currency will touch $1 this month, despite the fact that the month is about ending.

Love Money? Why not Invest in Ripple’s XRP? The Wolf Of All Streets

Popular cryptocurrency analyst and DJ, The Wolf Of All Street, has suggested buying Ripple’s XRP to his followers on Twitter. The cryptocurrency chartist, who has been advising people on the digital asset for some days now, said XRP has a promising future.


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He said it does not matter if a coin is nameless, once it has a promising future, anyone intending to make profit must invest in it.

On May 23rd, The Wolf of All Street first confirmed the bullishness of XRP, saying the crypto asset is looking potentially bullish. Now, the crypto expert is seeing a brighter future in XRP.


XRP Growth

XRP Growth

Owing to the bullish comment of analysts that the risk to reward ratio of XRP is becoming higher and higher each day, users of the asset are as well expecting a price surge as predicted by some YouTubers few days ago.



The golden cross amid other bullish signs reinvented the need for people to invest massively in Ripple’s XRP.

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Ripple, the blockchain firm behind XRP, is bringing in new institutional investors into the XRP ecosystem purposely to increase the adoption of the digital currency while also bringing about a massive price upsurge.

During the late hours of yesterday 28th May, XRP was trading around $0.45. Now, the digital asset is trading around $0.447 with 0.5% price upsurge in the last 24 hours.

With $18 billion market cap, and 24hrs market volume of 2 billion, XRP is freshening up for the moon.



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