The common saying that hardwork pays off could be said to be one effective in TokenPay (TPAY) ecosystem. Despite the crypto winter, TokenPay has been up and doing, adding enormous innovations to its ecosystem while its contemporaries are down. Today, the digital asset is trading at $ 1.88, after seeing 31.26% price increase in the last 24 hours. TokenPay has been performing excellently in the last seven days as well, the digital asset has seen around 95.29% price upsurge, adding to its %164 price increase in just a month. Nothing is behind this surprising growth other than the fact that the TokenPay is concentrating on innovating the state of the art techs into the crypto space.

eFIN DEX Set For Launch

Although, eFIN DEX was set to be launched in February, before it was shifted. One of the greatest challenges that hindered the launch of eFIN in February was the fact that it was designed to be a niche privacy DEX. Over time, eFIN DEX has evolved into Binance-like functionality owing to the fact that the team tried to maintain the cross-chain P2P direct trading and decentralized custody. This, hindered the launch of the DEX in February. While the team behind the idea guarantees that eFIN is the first of its kind since it is the only cross-chain decentralized custody DEX coupled with the fact that it employs Tor network for privacy. At the moment the available DEXs are single-chain like NewDex, EtherDelta or TronTrade, howver, eFIN tried to jump all hurdles to become the first “multi-chain true DEX with decentralized custody”. To show the awesomeness of eFIN DEX, TokenPay says the first 200,000 accounts will earn 1,000 EFIN coins the moment they execute 10 Easy Trades. In the same line, TokenPay opens people up to 5,000 Partnerships, and there is a limited space for Platinum accounts. With the launch of eFIN DEX Testnet on Friday, 15th March, and the upcoming launch of eFIN DEX finally at the end of this 2019 Q1, the crypto world is now realizing the outstanding effect of the exchange coupled with the relentless effort of TokenPay.

TokenDomains.com Launched

While other platforms were doing nothing, TokenPay has been on the run creating weapon of mass adoption for the crypto society. The platform launched TokenDomains.com where users can buy premium domains at a cheap price. TokenDomains is one of the unnoticed ways to bring about mass adoption it the crypto space. With its launch, the platform has adopted TPAY, BTC, LTC and XVG. The platform is at the moment adding GoDaddy like products.

World’s First Privacy Coin Certificate Gotten

TokenPay has defied all odds to get the world’s first Privacy Coin Certificate, courtesy TokenSuisse. The certificate is now available for purchase at TokenSuisse.

TPAY Tip Bot is Cruising

TPAY Tip Bot is now available. The idea was made through a community member’s effort for TPAY ecosystem. TPAY Tip Bot makes it easy for social media users to reward authors of outstanding contents with TPAY.

More Development On the Way: CryptoBet, Infinitesimal

Like eFIN DEX, CryptoBet is also scheduled for launch this Q1. While Infinitesimal is also Infinitesimal’s first blockchain product is to be launched in Q2. The product is tied into TokenGaming. Conclusion: hard work is one single thing working for the TokenPay (TPAY) ecosystem. With the look of things, TokenPay is creating adoption opportunities for its ecosystem and even the cryptocurrency space at large.


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