• Lisk ecosystem exchange lists XRP
  • xRapid is restoring XRP’s dashed hope

Here comes another great news for XRP, the native token of the remittance guru technology Ripple. The first digital crypto exchange integrated into the Lisk ecosystem today announced the listing of XRP on its platform for trade purposes.

EliteX exchange, in a Twitter update, declared that it is listing XRP along with BTC, ETH and USDT trade pair. As an addition, the exchange claimed that it will accompany the listing with an airdrop for users of the token.

Exchanges are major open market for every crypto asset. Through increased liquidity, they play a colossal role in boosting the purchasing power of assets, thus, they are an integral part of the market.

EliteX exchange which began operation in April, boasts of processing 500,000 orders in a second. It is at the moment accepting and reviewing a number of cryptographic projects for listing. However, it seems Ripple did not make XRP submission before the firm announced its intention to make the asset live on its platform, a clarification that XRP is a powerful asset in the crypto ecosystem.


As an addition EliteX exchange announced that the listing will go live with XRP giveaway bounty, probably as an encouragement to entice users to trade the token on the platform.

EliteX exchange also declared that it has earmarked 3000 XRP giveaway for users, and the campaign will take place between June 3rd 10.00am  and June 9th 10.00 am CET. Users who complete registration and KYC compliance will undoubtedly be handed 3 XRP.

Before now, Today’s Gazette reported that XRP hit a milestone of 1000 markets. Even though the listing is still pending, XRP has now surpassed the 1000 market milestone.

With the growing number of XRP markets, more liquidities find their way into the token’s market, making us have hope for a rise in value of the cryptocurrency.

xRapid Is Restoring XRP’s Dashed Hope

In the past, people asserted that there is no link between XRP and Ripple’s partners because the solution the partners are deploy is needless of XRP. The team behind the blockchain network, stepped its activities forward by launching xRapid, a technology that uses XRP in executing transactions. This makes Ripple’s partners have no choice than to use the token for their remittance activities.

This way, XRP is getting quite a number of adoption which helped in pushing the value of the cryptocurrency up the hill as well as its position in the market.



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