Till now, cryptocurrencies were looked as assets and were traded online in the crypto market. But few companies like Gobbill and Cointree are working on enabling users to pay bills using Cryptocurrencies.

Gobbill is an Australian based startup company providing software that performs automation on bill payments. Cointree is a cryptocurrency exchange platform registered in Australia. Cointree and Gobbill have teamed up and released a trial program which allows users to pay their bills using cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum  (ETH) and 100 other Cryptocurrencies.

After the successful trials, Cointree has now officially announced that this program will be live and the people of Australia can pay their bills with cryptocurrencies. CEO of Cointree further said that it is their user’s idea to make cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment for paying bills. Crypto coins have come a long way from being used for business transactions all the way to paying bills.


Shendon Ewans, CEO of Gobbill expressed his views about this partnership and their new mode of payment, he said:

“We are excited to launch the Cointree and Gobbill ‘pay any bill with any coin’ service. It’s a fully Australian regulated service that is simple, safe and secure. With over 40,000 Australian billers, the widest range of coins at a low fee, we expect everyday bills such as utilities and phone bills to be paid using digital currencies”.

Security has always been a concern for cryptocurrencies. This partnership between Cointree and Gobbill makes sure that transactions are done without any risk of data loss or accounts getting hacked. Even though the system is active, developers at both companies are working on making the payment system more secure.


Supporters of cryptocurrencies have already expected that crypto coins will be used for regular payments like phone bills in addition to business transactions. Let’s hope that more countries will start adding crypto coins as a mode of payment in daily use.



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